RTO/ERO Group Insurance

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We can’t offer you an x-ray or help with a toothache, but we can make the bills a lot less painful.


Health, dental and vision care costs can add up pretty quickly, even when you’re healthy. 
Affordable monthly health insurance premiums mean you’ll be ready financially for planned and unplanned health, dental and vision care costs, all year long.


Extended Health Care Plan 

Prescription Drugs (85% reimbursement of ingredient costs)

  • No deductible;

  • $3,400 maximum per calendar year, including sexual dysfunction medications;

  • Covers eligible prescription drugs for all ages, including those not covered by the Provincial Drug Benefit Plan for anyone age 65 and over; and

  • The Ontario Drug Benefit Program deductible is reimbursed based on 85% of ingredient costs.

Paramedical Practitioners (80% reimbursement)

  • $1,300 maximum per calendar year (for all practitioners combined);

  • Seventeen eligible practitioners: acupuncturists, chiropodists, chiropractors, dieticians, herbalists, homeopaths, naturopaths, nutritionists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, podiatrists, registered clinical psychologists, registered massage therapists, speech therapists, social workers, psychotherapists and shiatsu therapists

  • Acupuncture and foot care services provided by a registered nurse; and

  • Physician authorization is not required.

Vision Care (80% reimbursement)

  • $400 maximum in any two consecutive calendar years;

  • Covers purchase or repair of prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, laser eye surgery, and corneal incision;

  • Eye examinations to a maximum of $150 every two consecutive calendar years. Eligible dependent children are covered on an annual basis; and

  • New lenses, if required due to eye surgery, are covered to a lifetime maximum of $400.

Educational Program (80% reimbursement)

  • Medically related education program(s) recommended by a physician, to a maximum of $200 per calendar year.

Out-of-Province/Canada Travel (100% reimbursement)

  • $2,000,000 coverage for eligible emergency medical expenses per person/trip;

  • Unlimited number of trips, each up to 93 days in duration;

  • Emergency medical expenses incurred due to an accident or sudden illness while travelling outside your province of residence/Canada;

  • Pre-existing medical conditions are covered, subject to a 90-day medical stability clause; and

  • $6,000 trip cancellation and interruption/delay per person/trip.

Aids and Appliances (80% reimbursement)

  • Purchase or repair of hearing aids to a maximum of $1,100 in any three consecutive calendar years;

  • Custom-made orthopaedic shoes and orthotics to a maximum of $500 in any two consecutive calendar years;

  • Prostheses including artificial limbs or eyes, or breast prosthesis (including three mastectomy bras per calendar year);

  • Supplies including trusses, splints, braces and casts;

  • Medical supplies, including surgical support stockings to a maximum of $400 per calendar year, incontinence supplies up to a maximum of $750 per calendar year, and post-surgical comfort and convenience items (e.g., sock reacher, shoe lacer) up to $200 in any two consecutive calendar years; and

  • Mobility aids including wheelchairs, canes, walkers, and crutches.

Diagnostic Services (80% reimbursement)

  • Covers diagnostic services not covered by your Government Health Insurance Plan;

  • $250 maximum per calendar year.

Private Duty Nursing (80% reimbursement)

  • Out-of-hospital registered nurse, registered practical nurse or licensed practical nurse up to $2,000 in any two consecutive calendar years.

Transportation/Ambulance (80% reimbursement)

  • Licensed ground ambulance to local hospital when medically necessary for emergency treatment.

Accidental Dental (80% reimbursement)

  • Dental treatment required due to an accidental blow to natural or artificial teeth.

Eldercare Select

  • Expert guidance and support to address a specific caregiving challenge and develop a customized plan of action;

  • Access to 24/7 nursing and personal care in your or a loved one’s home (costs for nursing or other care services referred through Eldercare Select are your responsibility);

  • 25% discount off FirstWatch™, a personal medical response system; and

  • Access to an online personal health record that allows tracking of health indicators, monitoring and trending those indicators.

Best Doctors®

  • Services for a wide range of medical conditions from back pain or sports injuries to chronic diseases & life-threatening illnesses;

  • Provide a second expert review, complementing your family physician’s care, to help you make well-informed decisions about your diagnosis & treatment plan;

  • Global database of over 53,000 peer-nominated specialists to find the expert best suited to your needs and geographic location; and

  • Receive customized information & resources.

Venngo MemberPerks®

  • Canada’s leading provider of discount programs;

  • Discounts on over 1,200 products and services; and

  • Over 300 health and wellness discounts including memberships to GoodLife Fitness.

Semi-Private Hospital and Convalescent Care Plan

Semi-Private Hospital (95% reimbursement)

  • Unlimited maximum;

  • Daily semi-private room charges in a licensed hospital.

Convalescent Care (80% reimbursement)

  • Home care following a 24 hour hospitalization up to $75/day, maximum of 30 days;

  • Home care following non-elective day surgery up to $75/day, maximum of three days; or

  • Temporary stay in a long term care facility following a 24 hour hospitalization, up to $75/day, maximum of 30 days per calendar year.


Supplemental Travel Plan

  • For individual trips that extend beyond the 93 days of travel coverage under the Extended Health Care Plan;

  • Covers a maximum trip duration of 212 days. For those who only need a few extra days of coverage, a five day unit is available immediately following the first 93 days of travel; and

  • Guaranteed acceptance for all Extended Health Care Plan participants.

Dental Care Plan

Basic and Preventive (85% reimbursement)

  • Unlimited annual maximum;
  • One standard oral examination, recall oral examination, polishing and fluoride applications every nine months;
  • Other services, including fillings, x-rays; and
  • Repairs/rebase/relining of existing dentures. 

Endodontics and Periodontics (80% reimbursement)

  • $850 annual maximum; and
  • Includes root canal therapy, treatment of bones and tissues, scaling and occlusal equilibration.

Major Restorative (50% reimbursement)

  • $800 annual maximum for crowns, posts, onlays and inlays, including crowns on implants; and
  • $800 annual maximum for fixed bridges and partial dentures, including those on implants.

Fee Guide

  • 2018 Provincial Fee Guide for General Practitioners.


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